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The Advertising Agency Berlin relaunches

The Advertising Agency Berlin - it's time to bring out the Bear!

The Advertising Agency Berlin relaunches

Werbeagentur Berlin LogodesignThe Advertising Agency Berlin relaunches

After nearly five years, in which we have very successfully ridden under the Quadriga banner, we arrived in 2010 and decided it was time: We've decided on a complete revamp of our corporate identity - and of everything that goes along with it, website, business cards, the Advertising Agency Berlin calendar & catalogue etc.
After Berlintelligence (1999-2004) and Quadriga (2004-2009), as of this moment it's: (and for at least the next five years):

The Advertising Agency Berlin - it's time to bring out the Bear!

As you will notice, we have also given our own website, which before was always very minimalistic, a whole new design and a new set of functionalities.

An overview of

Advertising Agency Berlin
The homepage which fittingly describes our main range of services on offer, and which we hope gives our visitors a not only visually stimulating but also informative overview of our services. The only thing that is perhaps missing is the tip regarding our excellent ad agency coffee (one of the best in these latitudes).

Advertising in Berlin
What one can achieve with advertising in (and also of course especially from) Berlin - and why good advertising comes straight from the Spree. Did I mention that our new contact office lies in very close proximity to the Spree?

Design in Berlin
The Advertising Agency Berlin - we design Berlin, in fact since our founding in 1999 we pretty much wrote it onto the flag, and there's a couple of little "Design Berlin" teasers, one rough (more Kreuzberg) and one clean (more chic Mitte). Design naturally by the Advertising Agency Berlin.

Marketing in Berlin
Although not in Hamburg and not in the fish market, we still understand a great deal about all that - and in order to advise our clients even better (and our advice is of course for StartUps and Founders still free of charge) we will also be expanding our personnel and getting two new (already chosen) marketing managers on board, all in the first quarter of 2010.
Advertising Agency Berlin = Marketing Berlin

Acquisition of New Clients
…we've been carrying out as an underdog on behalf of our partners for some years. Now also officially on offer, so that you can get on with the daily running of your business and we can concentrate on getting your name in lights. New Client Acquisition For All!

Guerrilla Marketing
Yes, we fit with Berlin, smart and hard - occasionally polarising and always on message: Guerrilla Marketing from the Advertising Agency Berlin, coming soon more about Spreeguerilla on a standalone Guerrilla website. "And what are you up to?" is always a pertinent question among our colleagues - especially in relation to an advertising campaign. And our subpage " Advertising campaigns" will answer that question better and better over the course of the next few weeks, as this is where we'll be posting some of our "Best Of" (after, of course, clearing it with our clients).

Web Design Berlin
Our world will be online - in fact it is online - and good web design comes and indeed always did come out of Berlin. Web design Berlin is our Web design package, for small freelancer websites, company portals, web 2.0 platforms and much more. Web design Berlin by Advertising Agency Berlin.

Web Development
In the world of web development we've always been ahead of the pack. From (, our first Web 2.0 (2001) yet easy-to-use CMS, to our e-commerce tool designed especially for all founders whom we will be bringing onto the market in the second quarter of 2010 was a long road - and we've learnt a whole lot. Web development from the Advertising Agency Berlin - we're developing the Web.

Image Films and Product Videos
Thanks to Amy from New York and Harvard our image film and product video department is one permanent cutter richer. HD technology (since 2008) and 3D technology (hopefully from 2011) as well as our own post production possibilities make for fast and inexpensive image films and product videos (from 99.00€ net).

Music and Advertising
This new subpage is thanks to our audiophile CEO Oliver, who alongside his lecturer and producer activities has also spent the last years producing audio logos, film music, radio jingles and music for advertising - and will also be communicating from the site. And we've also added a new control room to our recording studio.

Jobs and Advertising
And last but not least our new job application form needs to be mentioned. The Advertising Agency Berlin is growing constantly, about which we are of course most happy, since it also means that we are doing a good job and that our clients are happy with our work.

We constantly strengthen our agency with new personnel - and that applies also to our indispensable freelance colleagues. Professional web designers, illustrators, web developers come on board project by project. Your first step in this direction could be to fill in the new "Jobs and Advertising" form on our website, after that we could meet for a coffee - and after that we'll rock Berlin and the world together.
The Advertising Agency Belen 2010 - bringing out the bear!

We look forward to meeting you!

The team from the Advertising Agency Berlin.

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