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Whether you're looking for advertising that's conventional or unique, we here at Advertising Agency Berlin get results. With our wealth of experience in all types of advertising and publicity, we provide comprehensive advertising services in Berlin, including web design, professional marketing, ad campaigns and PR. Advertising in Berlin? Choose Advertising Agency Berlin!


Advertising Agency Berlin, Germany

We are:

Advertising Agency Berlin is our name and PUBLIC relations is our game. We make ads both for national and INTER-national campaigns while assuring our clients top-level WPP (wide product placement) and palpable OMNI-presence.

We are THE Advertising Agency Berlin:
Smart. Direct. And competitively priced.

Founded by Volker Berlin in 1999, our company is creative, professional and economical.

We offer:

We created Berlin Advertising Agency to make advertisements in Berlin for anywhere and everywhere, advertisements made to impress and persuade. Anything less we leave to our competition.

Custom-tailored to fit small and medium-sized companies, we offer an unbeatable combination of low rates and high performance. We look forward to working with you and promise a creative and effective collaboration.

Volker Berlin - Founder Advertising Agency Germany, Berlin


Volker Berlin
Founder - Advertising Agency Berlin.


Textile Printing in Berlin by the Advertising Agency Berlin
Textile Printing BerlinThe Advertising Agency Berlin goes Textile Print - that and much more. As of yesterday there is a new piece of equipment in our armoury, and it's another SUMMA D60R cutting plotter. With over a metre-wide cutting width we are now in a position to be able to create professional textile prints (for small runs), the imprints for expo walls, car stickers, brandings, so-called wall tattoos and many more large-format applications, and all done in-house.

The first step will be a small T-shirt run with...
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The Advertising Agency Berlin relaunches Advertising-Agency-Berlin.de
Werbeagentur Berlin LogodesignThe Advertising Agency Berlin relaunches Advertising-Agency-Berlin.de

After nearly five years, in which we have very successfully ridden under the Quadriga banner, we arrived in 2010 and decided it was time: We've decided on a complete revamp of our corporate identity - and of everything that goes along with it, website, business cards, the Advertising Agency Berlin calendar & catalogue etc.
After Berlintelligence (1999-2004) and Quadriga (2004-2009), as of this moment it's: (and for at least the next five years):
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Ad Agency Berlin, Germany

Advertising Agency Germany, Berlin Chaplin an Illustration

This year, Charlie Chaplin would be celebrating his 120th birthday. The Advertising Agency Berlin would like to say thanks for the wonderful comedy and satire.

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Advertising Germany, Berlin
Advertising Agency Berlin, Germay